– About The Clinic Of Champions –

I have been attending the Max Miller Clinic of Champions throughout my career to learn more football and to network with other coaches. Outstanding speakers, great location, and a proud tradition make the Clinic of Champions the place for football coaches of all levels!

Joe Cattolico
Head Football Coach
Granite Bay High School

I have been attending Max Miller’s Clinic of Champions since 1982: this February will be thirty consecutive years! Max consistently brings in outstanding coaches who share their knowledge of the game in a straight forward manner; it has been a great teaching clinic over the years. The format Max uses (having the clinicians speak for three straight hours) allows the speaker to go in depth into their subject; this is one of the things that seperates the Clinic of Champions from other clinics. An added bonus is the location of the Clinic of Champions; our staff loves to get to Reno each year and hang out together!

Ernie Cooper
Former Head Football Coach
Granite Bay High School

For the past twenty(20) years that I have been attending football clinics, the one clinic that I think is the best of all is Max Miller’s “Clinic of Champions”. This clinic allows coaches to mingle with other coaches over a three day period of time. It has outstanding high school and college speakers that bring new ideas for all coaches. It also is a great way for coaches to develop new friendships, set up games and scrimmages, and renew old friendships. It is a way for coaching staffs to kick off their season and celebrate their past season. This is the one clinic that should be a “must” for all high school coaches and youth football coaches.

Mike Alberghini
Grant High School
Head Varsity Football Coach
Sacramento, CA

The thing that stands out to me about the Clinic of Champions is consistency. Year after year, Max schedules a wide range of great football coaches who have a passion for teaching the game. It was a great clinic 20 years ago, and it is still a great clinic.

Tony Franks
St. Mary’s High School

The Clinic of Champions is always a top notch event. The speakers that Max attracts are some of the best High School and College Coaches around. I look forward to attending this clinic.

Marshall Sperbeck
Former Head Coach
Sacramento State

I  have been attending the Clinic of Champions since 1985. During that time period I have transformed from a wide-eyed young assistant varsity coach to a veteran head coach for the past 16 years. The Clinic of Champions is not only one of the best high school coaching clinics in the west coast, it ranks up there as one of the best in the nation with regards to speakers, presentation, and networking. I take my staff there each and every year to learn, grow, and become better coaches, teachers, and role models.

As a head coach for the past 16 years and a member of several national high school football coaches associations, I have been able to visit a lot of high school clinics across the nation. Max Miller’s Clinic of Champions ranks up there as one of the finest and most enjoyable clinics I participate in each and every year. My staff and I always enjoy the outstanding speakers, presentations, and networking that takes place at the Clinic of Champions.

Meeting coaches, hearing from coaches, and sharing ideas with high school coaches are always the theme of the Clinic of Champions. Mac Miller is not only an outstanding director of the clinic, but as a high school coach himself he understands all of our needs, wants, and wishes and each year he brings them to us with the Clinic of Champions. No one does it better than Max Miller and the entire staff of the Clinic of Champions.

Rollins Stallworth II
Head Football Coach, Procter R. Hug High School
President, Northern Nevada 4A Football Coaches Association (NNFCA)
Football Advisory Board, Nevada Interscholastic Athletic Association (NIAA)

I have attended Max Miller’s Clinic of Champions for over 15 years and it is one of the best around. Max always has great speakers and the 3 hours sessions really gives a coach an opportunity to really get something they can take back to make their program better. We feel it is a great opportunity to meet with our jr program as well as all levels of our high school staff and prepare for the upcoming season.

Casey Taylor
Head Football Coach
Oakridge High School

The Clinic of Champions has been a central element in MaxPreps.com’s marketing plan for the past seven years. Coach Miller runs a great show and MaxPreps is proud to be associated with the largest football coaches clinic on the West Coast.

Andy Beal
Past President

I have been coming to the Clinic of Champions since 1994. Each year I have learned from the various speakers Max has brought to the “C of C”. I can’t think of any other venue where so much experience and education can be found in one location.This is my 25th. year as a youth coach and I’ll see you there again in February. Thanks Max.

Coach Bill Fox
NorCalFed Youth Football League

Pat has been to Max Miller’s clinic since its inception and has not missed a year. “It is one of the finest clinics in the country.” Its format of emphasis of youth, high school community college, and 4 year college and universities is outstanding.

Pat Plummer
Head Coach
Hoover High School

During my 23 years of doing Football clinic’s, the Clinic of Champions is dedicated to give the Football Coach the best experience from beginning till end covering all topics to help improve their football knowledge and add new concepts to help the team. The Clinic is organized and not stretched out over a 3 day period, which keeps it interesting and exciting, that’s just a couple reasons Rogers Athletic has been a proud sponsor of the Clinic of Champions since inception.

John Green
Sales Manager
Rogers Athletic Co.

The Clinic of Champions that Max Miller has put together over many years is like Christmas to a football coach. I have learned more football having attended every single clinic that Max has put on than any other thing I have done in my career. You also make football connections with many coaches that last a lifetime. The most powerful people I have ever been around are football coaches and they all attend “The Clinic of Champions”.

Ron Barney
Mesa Verde High School

I want to thank Max Miller and the Clinic of Champions for making the Reno Football Clinic such a great educational clinic for our coaches of Nevada and California.

Pat Hill
Former Head Coach
Fresno State