Graduate Level Credits – EDUO

For Coaches and Teachers (youth, high school and college)

The Clinic of Champions is designed to expose coaches and teachers to the latest trends and techniques in the coaching and teaching of youth, high school and college football. The two day clinic will allow coaches and teachers to select and attend seminars geared to their specific coaching or teaching assignments. Seminars will be presented by the top high school and college coaches, selected for their specific skills and knowledge in their area of presentation.

Dominican University of California, Division of Professional and Continuing Education will offer one or two graduate level semester units for each coach or teacher who submits the required course work. Course work must be received no later than two weeks after the clinic has ended. One official transcript will be sent to the home address of the participant within three weeks.

Course Requirements:

ONE UNIT | Cost: $95

After attending the clinic each coach or teacher will be required to submit a log of attending 8 seminars, write a paper on the presenter of their choice, plus write a summary on visit to 5 different exhibitors.

TWO UNITS | Cost: $190

Attend 4 additional seminars and write a second paper on the Seminar of your choice, plus write up your visits to 5 additional vendor booths. Add these seminars to your original Attendance log.

  • Seminars (1 hour each)
  • Exhibitor visits (1/2 hour each) can be scheduled anytime seminars are not being conducted.
Presenter paper must include:
  1. Date and Title of Seminar
  2. Name of presenter
  3. What they gained from the seminar and how it can be used in their program
  4. Would you recommend this clinic to your fellow teachers or coaches?
  5. Do you plan to attend next year?
Exhibitor Summaries must include:
  1. Exhibitor Name
  2. Location and number of booth
  3. Product
  4. How you or your athletes can use product in your program
  5. Name of person you contacted at the booth
Attendance Log of presenters must include:

1. Name of presenter
2. Title of presentation
3. Date of presentation
4. Room number

Required materials may be sent to either instructor listed below:

Richard Bach
4921 Bright Wood Court
Carmichael, CA 95608
Ph. # 916 962 3329

Ernest Shaffer
8391 La Riviera Drive
Sacramento, CA 95826
Ph. # 916 387-1311